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Entry #1

Welcome to this tricked out super badass page!

2015-07-16 21:57:36 by Steelartstudios


this is my newest out streched arm to gather the resources needed for me to become the greatest pok'emon master the world has ever seen!


well in concept artwork that is ..

Im a handsome stud at the rogue/theif level of 25.

My skill set is that of legends.. ookay none of that is true :)

im just an adverage Joe artist looking to meet some fellow artist friends that share and love the samething I do.

I guess that would make us twins right? wrong! you and me are very different people.

and I love the individuality we can bring to the forefront!


come let us take over NEWGROUNDS with stunning artwork.

I also have a thread call "LOOKING FOR A CONCEPT ARTIST?

thats a no brainer right lol come check it out and post your heart out!

hopefully more like 1-2 showcased pix.

thanks and remember mind the signs gentlemen.


 stay sexy!






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